Thursday 15 April 2021

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Poll: What is the worst wedding faux pas?

Whether it's wearing white, hitting on the groom or getting too drunk at the reception, what goes down in your mind as the worst wedding faux pas?

Poll: What is the worst wedding day faux-pas?

From getting down on one knee on someone else’s big day to guests rocking up in a big white dress, there are a host of no-nos to navigate in the world of weddings. Vote for what you think is the biggest wedding faux pas in SoPublishing's readers' poll.


Spoiling the dress

Upstaging the bride

Drinking waaaay too much

Losing the rings

Family feuds

Stealing the first dance

Hitting on the bride or groom

For more wedding no-nos, check out SoBristolWedding’s 21 of the worst wedding day faux pas or comment below if you’ve got a story that will top it.

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Wednesday 20 January 2016

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